Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The New World: A Novel by Andrew Motion

The New World
by Andrew Motion

Hardcover, 368 pages
Doubleday Canada

A leap from my usual fare - that seems to be my theme this summer, expanding my horizons. And how better to expand my horizons than with an adventure book?

The New World is the second in a series of post-Treasure Island books by the renowned writer, Andrew Motion. 

It's been a while since I read Treasure Island, if I ever did. And I didn't read the first of this series, Silver. I was afraid I might not be able to follow as easily but that was not an issue at all.

Adventures are meant to be taken for what they are. An adventure! When Jim and Natty found themselves shipwrecked in the New World, a new adventure began. We see the cultures through their eyes. The differences between tribes and cultures. The effects of colonization. The wild-west feeling of building new nations, the hardship of foraging anew.

They come across a variety of outlandish characters in the book and we are around for the ride.

I can definitely see these books becoming a movie or two. 

Let the adventure begin!

From the Back Flap:

The breathtaking new novel about unexpected adventure from Andrew Motion, internationally acclaimed author of Silver.
     Washed ashore after a harrowing shipwreck, English seafarers Jim and Natty find themselves stranded on the Gulf Coast in Texas. Their ship, the Nightingale, has been destroyed, and to Jim and Natty's horror, only one other survivor remains. But the shocked and grief-stricken duo soon realizes they're not all alone on the beach. When a band of Native Americans approaches the shore in a threatening fury, they brutally kill Jim and Natty's last shipmate, rob their dead crew and take the two desperate survivors hostage.

     Suddenly, Jim and Natty are thrust into an Old West adventure unlike anything they've ever experienced. Starting with a desperate escape from a violent Chief, who obsessively keeps close on their trail, they join up with a troupe of entertainers who take them to a thriving and dangerous New Orleans, and finally, head back to the high seas where Jim and Natty hope to seek passage home.

     In magnificent, free-wheeling prose and in a high-flying style, Andrew Motion has spun a fantastic yarn that will win the hearts of adventure lovers everywhere.

ANDREW MOTION is a poet, critic, novelist, biographer, and, for many years, a professor and poetry editor. He served as Poet Laureate of the UK for ten years and was knighted for his services to literature in 2009. He is now a professor of creative writing at the University of London and a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. He lives in London.