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Mistress of the Court: by Laura Purcell

Mistress of the Court
by Laura Purcell

Paperback, 448 pages
Published by Myrmidon Books Ltd

Some books take you to a different time and place. This is one of those books.

Starting out in a Jane Eyre type bleak life, Henrietta battles to provide for her son and keep her family together. She risks everything to join the Court of Hanover to start a new life and raise her son up out of poverty. She finds a friend and ally in Princess Caroline, but the higher up in social scale she gets, the bigger the problems she faces. And she is not alone.

A story of two women who will sacrifice their pride, bodies and souls for what they think is right for their country and their children. .

And a heck of a history lesson too. Remind me to stay far away from royalty.

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The second  in Laura Purcell’s captivating and acclaimed series of novels chronicling the lives and loves of the consorts and mistresses of Britain’s rash, reckless and ebullient Hanoverian kings.

Her first novel, Queen of Bedlam, was published by Myrmidon in the summer of 2014.

Orphaned and trapped in an abusive marriage, Henrietta Howard has little left to lose. She stakes everything on a new life in Hanover with its royal family, the heirs to the British throne.

Henrietta’s beauty and intelligence soon win her the friendship of clever Princess Caroline and her mercurial husband, Prince George. But, as time passes, it becomes clear that friendship is the last thing on the hot-blooded young prince’s mind. Dare Henrietta give into his advances and anger her violent husband? Dare she refuse?

Whatever George’s shortcomings, Princess Caroline is determined to make the family a success. Yet the feud between her husband and his obstinate father threatens all she has worked for. As England erupts in Jacobite riots, her family falls apart. She vows to save the country for her children to inherit – even if it costs her pride and her marriage.

Set in the turbulent years of the Hanoverian accession, Mistress of the Court tells the story of two remarkable women at the centre of George II’s reign.

 About the Author

Laura Purcell is a former Waterstones bookseller who lives in Colchester. She is a member of the Society for Court Studies and Historic Royal Palaces and featured on a recent PBS documentary, talking about Queen Caroline’s life at Hampton Court. She maintains a history blog at

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