Monday, 29 February 2016

The Indian Family Kitchen: Classic Dishes for a New Generation by Anjali Pathak

Classic Dishes for a New Generation
by Anjali Pathak
Publisher: Appetite by Random House
Hardcover, 224 pages

I do love Patak's Indian sauces and chutneys and I was thrilled to learn that the granddaughter of this talented family was the author of a new style of Indian cooking.

Not your Indian grandmother's cookbook, this is fresh and fun and, dare I say fusion? In the best sense of the term, to be sure. The vibrancy of Indian cuisine is brought into the modern American age with grace and panache.

Nothing too fiddly, nothing too scary. Just what we have always wanted - new world dishes with old world flavours.

Exciting, colourful, approachable, and fun.

Contents include:

Light Bites
Big Bites
Feel-Good Factor
Veggies Galore
BBQ Indian Summer
Those Little Extras
Sugar & Spice
Cocktail Time

Secret Essentials
Everyday spice box
Pantry must-haves
Magical chiles
Kitchen gadgets
Fridge favourites
Kitchen shortcuts
Wine & Spice

From the Back Flap:

A fresh and friendly introduction to South Asian cuisine, The Indian Family Kitchen reflects how we cook today with seasonal and vegetable-forward recipes. This striking cookbook shows how to coax flavor out of your favorite foods by adding Indian spices: rub butternut squash with garam masala before roasting with salty feta and sun-dried tomatoes; marinate chicken wings in a punchy tandoori sauce; and brighten up a quinoa salad with ginger and cumin.

You'll also find classics refined over the years by the granddaughter of the family that brough Patak's sauces and chutneys to households around the world. Throughout, The Indian Family Kitchen demystifies traditional cooking methods with kitchen shortcuts and the spices you should always have on hand—for delicious family meals that'll be loved by generation upon generation.

ANJALI PATHAK is the granddaughter of the founders of Patak's, the popular brand of Indian-style curry pastes, sauces, and spices. A respected chef, food writer, and culinary teacher, she has been shortlisted for a number of awards for her work with Indian food and flavors, and her cooking master classes always sell out. Learn more at